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What ingredients does Sylk contain?
Sylk is made of 100% natural ingredients. Sylk contains purified water, extract of kiwifruit plant, vegetable glycerine, sodium citrate, xanthan gum, citric acid, potassium sorbate, and citrus seed extract.

Is Sylk a spermicidal lubricant?
Sylk is made from all natural ingredients. Although it is gentle for sensitive skin and contains no spermicidal ingredients, the pH level of Sylk is around 4.7, like most other lubricants, and may be harmful to sperm.
Does Sylk have any flavor or odor?
Sylk is not a flavored lubricant and it is completely odorless.

Does Sylk work only as a vaginal lubricant?
Sylk is a versatile product designed to be the best personal lubricant to help with vaginal dryness and male and female intimate activity. Many women also find that using Sylk as an every day hygiene product helps to reduce yeast infections and aides in feminine comfort.

What is the pH of Sylk?
The pH of SYLK is 4.7. The pH of the vagina is also around 4.7, excerpt around the time of ovulation. At this time, the pH of the vagina can increase to around 7.0 in order to give sperm a healthy environment for conception.
The moist nature of the vagina makes it a prime area for yeast/candida and fungal-type growths, such as thrush, to develop. However, yeast and molds can't survive under acidic conditions and won't develop in an area where the pH is at 4.7. Because of this fact, Sylk is benficial to women in lowering the rates of yeast infections.
At a pH of 4.7, SYLK is a great choice for a personal lubricant. Many other lubricants rely on harmful preservatives to keep yeast infections at bay and these preservatives can irritate sensitive skin.

Is Sylk good for menopausal women who experience vaginal dryness?
Sylk is a perfect personal lubricant for the vaginal dryness caused by menopause. In fact, best-selling author and nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S., C.N.S. recommends Sylk to menopausal women in her book titled, Super Nutrition for Menopause.

Is Sylk safe to use for pregnant women who have vaginal dryness?
Since Sylk is such a gentle lubricant, it is safe for pregnant women to use to fight vaginal dryness. Dr. Christine Northrup, a gynecologist and New York Times best-selling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, recommends Sylk because it is such a gentle, safe, and effective vaginal lubricant.

Can men use Sylk?
Yes. Men can and do use Sylk for enhanced intimate encounters both with and without a partner. And because women prefer Sylk, it is a good lubricant choice for men.

Does Sylk work as a desensitizing lubricant for men?
Sylk is not a desensitizing lubricant for men. Sylk can, in fact, be just the opposite and can enhance a man's erection and sexual experience. Many specialty men's clinics use and recommend Sylk. Sylk has also been used as a training "device" against premature ejaculation.

How does Sylk compare to other sexual enhancement creams or gels?
Sylk is an all natural product. It is water-based, extra slippery and not sticky or messy and will not stain. Sylk is a high quality lubricant at a great price.
Does Sylk wash off easily?
Natural and water based, Sylk washes away easily with either water or a damp cloth. Sylk does not stain!
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